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The weather man changed his mind about rain. So mandurah Ulysses made the most of it was A good turn out. I Enjoy seeing the branch going from good to better with all the older and newer members..

An interesting ride where we started with 22 bikes. Some left at Dwellingup due to other commitments. I like that we can do that.. Almost in Boddington and Wow. didn't expect that. Fog and fog. Hugging the white line was he best option.though there was also the heavy mist with it. Not to mention Brrr Brrr. We arrived in Boddington to find out Mr Google had lied about fuel being available.So it was a leg stretch and regroup. and thaw out. Did I mention how cold it was going through that fog. I don't handle cold.very well.

Off to Banister for fuel.. Wandering was  not looking like a good option. It was covered in mist and fog in that direction. Plus it is known for its very cold temperatures.Some decided the bakery was a fantastic option for lunch, Others decided to further the ride and head to Quindanning and sit by the log fire with an ale or two. Log fire oooh yes.

Another great day of riding with good company.. 


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