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Another good turn out because the weather man said no rain till later on. Thease Mystery rides always have people turning up out of curiosity, plus they are good tides. We had two new girl riders turn up. WooHoo. Welcome.

The first stop was Byford Bakery for a leg stretch, chat and coffee.We arrived just after another bike group had left, talk about good timing. Yes... We have all done this bakery too many times though it is so much a favourite. Food is good, coffee is good, price is good  and they have the space. and we will keep doing this bakery because we think its a good one and a good leg stretch.

Then we headed to some lovely scenic twisty roads, up canning dam road and past Araluen, before arriving at the Karragullen Tavern. forr a feed, drinks, chat and relax, before heading south again.

A big thanks to Paul for leading the ride and getting us together

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