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Mike took us on some back roads to Harvey. We parked up at Stirling Cottage, only to use their amenities as the place was a little crowded. It seemed many Sunday tourists had the same idea. So Ray and Di became ride leaders and took us to Brunswick Junction Bakery for a snack and coffee. A much better option I thought.

We left Brunswick minus a few riders and lost Tail End as soon as we turned the first corner out of the bakery. Then it was a bit of a mix up when we hit the coast road. No corner marker and luckily a knight in black Armour and a metal steed came to my rescue and I was lead up the right garden path which took in the scenic coastal ride at Australind. Most of us arrived at the crooked carrot in Myalup  where a coffee was enjoyed by all. Not many opted for lunch as we had pigged out at the bakery. 

Lesson of the day - corner marking is important even if you think everyone is behind you.

Thanks Mike for a great journey


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