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Today had a few surprises. A bit like finding a new gadget under the Christmas tree.

The first surprise was when Susie volunteered as Tail End.. It gave some a laugh especially when Mike's pre ride communication included explaining to her that tail end needed to stay at the back.

Mike and Justine took us on a back road towards Dwellingup through Coolup. A road I had never been on, that was the second surprise. Then it was down the hill and on towards Mundijong. A few riders left us at the corner of Mundijong and King Rds. A 100 yards up King road, tucked away was a new brewery. That was the third surprise. A popular venue it seems as we the only seating left was outside. So we missed out on the warmth of the wood fire and boisterous children. Though that didn't deter some from beer and cider tasting.

The fourth surprise  -  We didn't get wet.

Thank you Mike and Justine for a day of wonderful surprises

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