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The Sun was shining for Sir Paul's Riders and passengers The Medieval Festival in Balingup
A  throng of 21  riders gathered at the Golden Arches on a brisk morning... their mounts were shining .... the roar was loud and frightening... they set forth valiantly on their trusty chrome steeds...

We took the Old Coast Rd,  so that we could meet  up with Maurice & Leslie along the way.

Turning onto The Forrest Highway & heading for morning coffee at The old Bakery in Boyanup.

After around a half hour stop over & ye old bellies filled,a few left for home & other commitments.

We arrived in Balingup to an hive of activity, after parking up some decided that the ride was enough & decided to leave ( possibly for the local pub ) Approx 10 remained & entered the park where the festival was being held, but not before Sir Paul & Ian donned their Knight's ( Not night ) attire, unfortunately I didn't have room to carry a sword on my bike, so the nearest piece of wood had to suffice.

Mike & Justine went missing after a while but was later seen aboard a Camel.

Alan Dye pointed us in the direction of The food vans & recommended which one had the tastiest food for sale, unfortunately Paul & I missed the parade as we were eating at the time.

We tried to talk the girls into wrapping these Snakes around their shoulders, but they wouldn't have anything to do with that.

Greer & Karen can be seen practicing their combat skills in some of the photo's, this came in very handy when the time came to enter the arena where they successfully defeated the Black Knight's,cheered on by all the brave Motorcyclists including Greer's boyfriend Stuart, who did look a little worried for a time.

3pm and time to depart, but only 6 riders could be found, wait we may nead fuel, Donnybrook sounds a good place to stop, after refuelling our new Ride leader took the reins ( watch this space I do believe Karen will be putting her name down to lead rides ).

I believe we all arrived home safely after an awesome days riding & entertainment.

Thank you Sir Paul for arranging everything.

Alan Dye for volunteering to be back marker.

Mike for all the camera work & Justine for her big smile.

 And most of all thank you for everyone who turned up for the ride,including guests Neil & Stu.

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