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What a way to end the year. I think I counted 20 bikes and 7 trikes. It was too hard to count all the pairs of legs, they kept moving. It was really good to see some new people.

Pam and Alan had organised that we go to Pinjarra Bakery to pick up a birthday cake then off it was to Wendy's. to wish her a happy 80th Birthday. The look on her face was priceless to see the street invaded with bikers.  Some turned up in cars.  Her face beamed with excitement and so glad her heart had been repaired to take it all in. The neighbours kept a low profile and I am sure there will be some gossip in the street.  There are not many 80 year old women that still throw a leg over a bike. My hat goes off to her. While there, Ian presented her with her 80 badge. 

After Wendy's some of us headed to  bouvarde winery for food and beverages. 

A great day and excellent way to end the new year

Thanks all and happy new year

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