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        Ian’s Ride to Gidgegannup Bakery???   Err ,  Maybe Noble Falls Tavern.

 It was going to be a great day for a ride out in the country, we had checked out the roads & apart from my memory failing the only other possible problem was road works as you come out of Stoneville Road onto Toodyay Road.

Pulling into the Car park at Mandurah Forum there were already quite an array of bike’s parked up & more coming up the ramp, first thoughts, I’d better get this right.

By the time we departed there were approx 36 members & 26 bikes, 6 Three Wheelers & 20 Solos, a great turnout for the first Sunday ride of 2018.

Terry & Karen volunteered for back marker duties on their classy Yamaha Royal Starr.

We made our way back to Stakehill Rd.  following through to  Karnup Rd. & Serpentine, just back track there a little, we were coming up to Richardson Rd. & there in the road was a small snake of some description, I didn’t want to frighten Julie Anne, who at this time was just behind me & preparing to stop for corner marking, she told me later that she remembered another incident & her leg shot up in the air, don’ know who was the most frightened, Julie Anne  or the wee snake.

Onward & heading for Byford  down Soldiers Rd. here we came across a horse float in tow, we weren’t that far from the turning so decided, although at a reduced rate of knots to stay behind, actually the horse in the float was quite happy as he stuck his head out & we had a chat before the driver turned off.

After our Coffee & Pie’s we decided to leave Byford Bakery, but not for Gidgegannup Bakery, it seemed that Noble Falls Tavern was preferred.

12 members had jobs to do at home so they decided to head back, but not before

Faye took a video of the remaining rider’s leaving the bakery, thanks Faye,

We continued our ride, turning off Southwest Highway onto Brookton Highway & Canning Rd. There was a time  when I though that I’d taken the wrong turn, but a sigh of relief when eventually  passed a sign post that said Glenilsa Rd.

 So no we didn’t get lost & the roadworks at Stoneville Rd./Toodyay Rd. weren’t a problem either, ( Thanks Susie for warning us about them )

We  turned into the car park  at Noble Falls Tavern, for a refreshment & eventually a meal, ( for some ). 

May buy a  Road Trail Bike, for my next visit to their car park though .

 All home safely, and a  great  day out with  Fab Friends.


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