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It was one of those bleak looking winter days. After carefully studying the weather forecast and radar map. I figured we had at least 6 hours of riding and socialising.

Four of us with cabin fever turned up at the meet point. We head off zig zagging through back roads and greeting lots of livestock in amazingly green paddocks, to reach our destination. The skies were blue at times. The weather man was on our side.

We arrived at a place where Jack lives in Spearwood. Checked out the menu and Had a chat with the Chef who is babysitting the kitchen for a period of time. The Meals were of excellent value, half the price you would get anywhere else and edible, a bonus. Danny and Dave ordered a bogan burger dripping with melted cheese, 2 beef patties and chips. Ian ordered a full breakfast that barely fitted on the plate. I went for the vegan comfort food, wedges.  We couldnt get over how cheap the meals were and decided it was a must to return.

After some drinks, chat and laughs we looked skywards and took advantage of what looked like some future bad news for a biker. We made it home dry. No wet clothes today. How good was that. 

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