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Every picture tells a thousand words they say. Ian had another thousand words to say.

2018 W.A. Odyssey in Mount Barker was Hosted by Great Southern Branch

 We hadn’t been away on holiday’s for quite some time & San was just getting over surgery, but grounded for a few more week’s from riding pillion on the Trike.

We have attended many W.A. Odyssey’s in previous years, so what an opportunity for 2018 to have an extended holiday, travelling by car to the small country town of Mount Barker.

Arriving late Thursday afternoon we pulled up at Rayanne Homestead, the owners greeting us with a smile & mentioned there would be some other Ulysses members arriving the next day, we were shown through to our room, although a bit on the small side our room was very comfy with another door leading out to the verandah  & parking area.

After unpacking we ventured through to the Communal  Dining/Lounge room where 24hr coffee was available, had a chat with some visitors playing cards.

We decide to take off & have dinner at one of the hotels in town. After a hearty meal we returned back to our room & had a well deserved rest.

 Friday morning another 4 members arrived, unfortunately Susan Haywood couldn’t make it due to ill health. One of the riders, told us that he had started adventure Riding Tours in Geraldton.

After breakfast we had our first look around  the complex & found 2 donkey’s to feed, this continued each morning, when they sited the carrot’s they came a running ( well slightly faster than walking anyway ).

We also visited the Craft Building that had some quite interesting things & had previously been used as a Dining room/Function room were many a tall story had been told.

Later we had a glimpse around the town & headed for Frost Park were the Odyssey was being held, here we met up with Rob & Maree, Jeff & Linda, Susie, & two locals Peter & Adele who moved down here a few years back. This is were Susie escapes to, in between flying up North & carrying out Website commitments.  

Oh yes,  along with others we helped a dear old Ulysses member named Edwina to erect her tent, believe it or not, she manages to transport most of her camping  equipment all the way from Midland to the Odyssey’s by Public Transport & the odd Taxi. It’s simply amazing what she can fit into a few bits of hand luggage. I think she has acquired some Mary Poppins bags.

Friday night we joined other Mandurah members & also Armadale members, dining out at the local Chinese.

Saturday was spent hobnobbing & attempting to take part in the Ulympics.

6pm saw the start of The Dinner, afterwards it was the raffles and ceremonies The evening finished with a Live and we danced the night away.

 On Sunday. San & I arrived early at the site, everyone including Edwina our 87yr old camper were chomping at the bit, awaiting the arrival of the bus that was taking us on the wine tour.

Carlie, from Great Southern had carried out the majority of the organising, being the youngster of the group. But as she had already visited all the wineries 6 or 7 times, & was well stocked up, so decided not to come along.

Over the Five & a half hours of the tour, we visited four wineries & Mount Barker Lookout Hill, or as the Aboriginals call it ( Pwakkenbak ).

The Driver showed us were a Tornado had come through & destroyed rows of trees, would have made a right mess of your home if you where in it’s path.

Edwina & Linda along with others stocked up very well at each of the wineries. 

Back to Frost Park, in time for The President meeting where a few things were discussed & sorted out but as members were coming into the Function room for the Dinner  Chris called  time out.

No Skits Sunday night, but another great night of socialising.

 Monday morning there was a few bleary eyed members but all good.  Shane & Carlie handed over Ulysses Odyssey signs, also various items they had over, for Mandurah Murray to make use of at The Bridgetown Odyssey in 2019.

We called in to see Pete & Adele on the way home, yes you might know, travelling down this narrow country road , we had to pull over for a while so this large flock of sheep could make their way past. (Only in Australia)  Finally arriving at our destination, Pete & Adele made us welcome and showed us around the property,  such a lovely & peaceful place to live.

 In closing,  I can say that Great Southern worked hard & put on a great Odyssey for 2018,

Thank you Steve, Shane Morrow, Carlie & all of your members.

2019 sees Mandurah Murray taking on the role of Host Branch, for our own W.A. Odyssey in Bridgetown.  We hope to see a few of the Mandurah Murray mob attending the event.

 Regards, Ian.

President Mandurah Murray.

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