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An interesting 1st leg of the journey. Someone else ended up as ride leader, and a good job they did. I was waiting patiently for others to show and thought the worst. A corner marker came along and waited with me. It took me a while to figure he should not have been waiting with me. Consequently I put him in the stocks and threw rotten tomatoes at him. (I have a good imagination) It didn't happen again. Received a call from Ian saying they were all waiting at the bakery. I think They went a different way to us. And a good thing they all knew where the bakery was.

The rest off the journey went well. Some lovely scenic twisty roads through the hills. Though I don't think everyone apprerciated the honky nuts on repatriation road in Pickering brook. Bobbob thought I should have done a pre ride and swept them off the road. We had a a good feed, drinks and chats at a homely quiet little hotel/club in a back block of Lesmurdie..

A good day with great weather and company

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