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Some of us decided to do our bit for the farmers and went on a Drought relief ride to raise funds to buy bales of hay for our Drought stricken farmers in the east.. It was organised by MACE (Motorcyclists Against Child Abuse)

I met up with the Mandy mob at the BP on the freeway.

Then it was off to a shopping centre near Armadale to register.

The first stop was Jarahdale. Where Susan H won a raffle

The second stop... Well we seem to have some suss people in our branch. Near the prison. Police waved the riding group onto a side road, where 30 police stood like a guard of honor. I asked if we had been invited to the annual police picnic.Alas,they only wanted to check us all out individually. Obviously we are unique. It took forever, it seemed.

Then it was off to Dwellingup Hotel for lunch

Then Ravenswood for the final leg, where we found Sandra had been patiently waiting for a couple of hours. We were a little behind schedule due to the guard of honor inear Jarrahdale.

Saw a new face on the ride. Welcome to Mandurah Ulysses Paul

It was a big day and enjoyable.

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