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The lovely Spring Weather bought 27 sets of wheels to the meet point.

Dani and Donna Led us on a lovely ride to Serpentine Dam for Morning Tea.  Thank you John for covering our rears to the Dam.

Afterwards it was another ride on back roads to Yunderup. We somehow managed to lose Tail end - Sher. I heard someone say they waited for ages and Tail end didn't turn up so they left the corner. Somehow we ended up with another tail end. Sher  eventually turned up for lunch. A bit of a mystery there.

We ended up with just over half the group at lunch. It seems the others just disappeared at Serpentine Dam. Another one of those Life's Myysteries.

A great spot for lunch, we sat by the river at the Jetty Bar and Grill and were serenaded by Music.

Another  great day on the road in Good Company

Thank you Dani and Donna 

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