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Another great riding day.

20 sets of wheels turned up at the meet point.  It never ceases to amaze me about how well done to pat, Danny has got his timing for arrival, We had our hats on and engines running when he rolled in.

We Hit a bit of a traffic sharl on Kingsbury drive there wa a huge line up of cars hardly moving. You would think they woulf at least put one wheel in the Gravel considering they need to share the road with bikes. No siree. Typical inconsiderate car drivers. A dew of us gamed the white line and gently road past the line of traffic. Thinking initially there was an accident. But NO It was an event up further in a car park.

After Morning tea at Serpentine Dam, A few sets of whhels left and the rest of us took a lovely scenic leisurely ride up past Canning Dam and Arraluen to the Rock Inn at Karragullen for lunch.

Thanks MikeC for agreat ride with good company

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