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Rides & Social Events


We need as many Mandurah members as possible. So If you have free time this Friday 12th of October 2.00pm, we have been asked by Tony Collins to supply some Smiles,  Bikes, & Riders of course , to attend a photo shoot near The Performing Arts Centre, Ormsby Terrace Mandurah. To promote the National Rally being held in Mandurah in 2021

Ulysses National President Jen Woods & National Rally Organiser Blue Knowles will be joining us along with other dignitaries.

We need around a dozen bikes, 2 or 3 wheels & preferably with riders & pillions wearing their Branch shirts. OR Just come along for the moral support.

The Photo will be heading for The Riding On Magazine promoting The 2021 National Rally to be held in Mandurah.

Would be great for riders & pillions to be wearing their Branch shirts if possible

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About our Rides

WE MEET AT The ROOF TOP CAR PARK, BEHIND CALTEX/ MACCAS at the Mandurah Forum on Pinjarra Rd

Rides leave at  9AM as from the 1st of September.  10am in the winter months (as from !st June) Unless otherwise stated in the information of that ride.

Every body 40 years and plus is welcome.  All riders are asked to arrive  15 minutes prior to the leave time, so they can be ready and fueled up to go at the departure time. This also allows for some communication about the ride.

We use 2nd man marker cornering system. This means that  if the ride leader is turning a corner, the person behind the ride leader stops at or before the corner in a safe position and indicates where the rest of the group are to turn AND STAYS THERE until tail end charlie arrives.

If the second person forgets or is a trike, the next person is to pick up the corner marking role. Often it is not safe for trikes to mark a corner.

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